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Scuba diving in Cenote Kukulkan
Ancora 1
Scuba diving in Playa del Carmen (MX)
Scuba diving in Cozumel
Scuba diving in Cenote Chac Mool
Andrea Carletti and the sea turtle
Andrea Carletti during a bubblemaker course

I was born in Milan in 1972. I discovered the underwater world late, but the passion has enable me to complete all levels of training. I am a qualified PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, with a lot of specialties, EFR instructor and IANTD Full Cave Diver. Based on my experience I can recommend the right place for your diving adventure. I made more then 3000 dives.

I can teach in English, Spanish and Italian. I started my diving experience in the Maldivs. Then I dove in Thailand, Red Sea, Italy and Mexico. In the last 12 years I worked in Playa del Carmen with three of the best diving center in the Riviera Maya. Now is the time to try something new. For this reason I created Scuba Planet Mexico in 2017.

I can do courses, guide in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and cenotes. I made more than 3000 dives in the sea, lake, cavern and cave. I’ve done more than 700 certifications. In 2013, 2014 and 2016 PADI gave me the "Elite 50" award and has classified me as Elite Instructor.


Andrea Carletti

Jose Scaglia


I was born in Argentina in 1962. I am Argentinian but I have also the Italian nationality. I took my first scuba diving certification in 2004. I am a qualified PADI IDC Staff Instructor, with a lot of specialties, EFR instructor and TDI Full Cave Diver.

I can teach in Spanish and English. I started my diving experience in Argentina and I continued in Colombia. Until 2010 I worked for Telecom Argentina. In May 2010 I decided to open a scuba diving school in Rosario (Argentina). For four years I have been the owner of Nemo Diving School Rosario. After this experience I decided to move to Mexico.

From 2014 I work in Playa del Carmen as a diving instructor and cavern guide. I made more than 2500 dives in the sea, lake, cavern and cave. I've been trained and educated in areas where teaching, leadership, quality, customer focus, were the critical factors determining the success of my administration.


Jose Scaglia scuba diving in cenote
Jose Scaglia and the sea turtle
Jose Scaglia scuba diving in cenote
Jose Scaglia with a customer
Jose Scaglia scuba diving in cenote Angelita
Jose Scaglia scuba diving in cenote

What our customers say ...

" our guide was Jose, an experienced cave, cenote, tech and general super diver!!!

As I'd never dived in undercover conditions he explained everything to expect and how to dive them.

Jose loves diving the cenotes and this shows in his briefings, explaining in detail what conditions you will dive in and what you will see "

Member: Jo M - Leed UK

TripAdvisor - November 2016

" our dive master Andrea was so nice, a genuinely wonderful and hugely experienced guy "

Member: MF061 - UK

TripAdvisor - August 2016

" respecto de Jose un maestro, estando en todos los detalles y cuidando a sus buzos en todo momento. Durante las inmersiones hemos visto otros grupos donde los instructores no daban atencion a los grupos, haciendo que se note mas la diferencia con nuestro guia. En pocas palabras, totalmente recomendable "


Member: Agustin R

TripAdvisor - May 2016

" mi nombre es Ivan, y junto con mis otros 2 amigos (Franco y Rodrigo) queremos destacar la labor de Jose Scaglia, instructor de buceo argentino radicado en Playa del Carmen. Me remito a este lugar para agradecer su desempeño y que todos los que buscan opiniones en esta web puedan confiar plenamente en el.

Nosotros buceamos junto con el, y su desempeño fue excelente, muy atento a todo.

Asi que desde nuestra humilde opinión, les decimos que lo tengan en cuenta a la hora de buscar alguna a excursion de este tipo "


Member: ivanwasiak - San Nicolas de los Arroyos

TripAdvisor - March 2016

" I was assigned to go with Andrea who is an Instructor and a certified cave diver. I had some reservations on diving in the overhead environment due to different discussions I had with some of my dive friends. Andrea listened to all my concerns and was very calm and professional. He went over all the rules of our dive and continued to reassure me how we can stay safe. I truly felt I could trust Andrea due to the way he handled my concerns. I'm so grateful for my first cenote experience I was able to do this dive with someone like him and that it was a one on one dive "


Member: Jenifer A - Kansas City, Missouri

TripAdvisor - February 2016

" Andrea was our teacher, he is a very friendly and modest guy with all the diving skills you expect of a diving instructor.

We did the training in two days, I have to say that is was very intensive, we underestimated the amount time we needed to finish the theory books and exams, it took quite some hours.

Besides this, it was a perfect experienced. We made very nice dives, saw amazing animals and we felt comfortable with Andrea. He is a very good teacher and I would recommend him to others. Thank you very much Andrea and the rest of the team! "


Member: Niels L - Leerdam, The Netherlands

TripAdvisor - January 2016

" todos los instructores con un carisma increíble, resaltando a Andrea, con quien les recomiendo cualquier curso que quieran realizar, o cualquier simple inmersión "


Member: NataliaBueno - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

TripAdvisor - July 2015

" Andrea, an Italian Dive Master, who has the creativity and the experience of first world class Dive master "




Member: ArmandoTello - Mexico City

TripAdvisor - January 2015

" a special mention to my diving guides, Andrea and Jose guiding the cenotes. The are very relaxed and know every detail of the caverns and caves we visited. With this people you feel always safe "

Member: JCA10000

TripAdvisor - October 2016

" thanks to high professional level of this diving guide Andrea, I have had the opportunity to visit almost all the best cenotes in Riviera Maya.

Has been a wonderfull experience that I remember all my life "

Member: Champ71 - Milano

TripAdvisor - July 2016

" nuestro instuctor, Jose Scaglia, se ocupo de que tuvieramos una experiecia fantastica y segura, estando pendiente de nosotros (mi novia y yo) todo el tiempo. Fue una gran aventura, los recomiendo 100%. Muchas gracias!! "



Member: Hernan D

TripAdvisor - April 2016

" el buceo de cenotes estuvo excelente, el instructor Andrea es muy profesional y te atiende muy bien. Estuvimos en el cenote Dos Ojos y nos encantó "









Member: Daniel J

TripAdvisor - March 2016

" our third day was our first diving cenotes and Jose gave us the choice as to which of the two beginner Cenotes to do while recommending Tajma Ha as the easiest. He prepped us up nicely on the trip there and explained everything agin once we got there. He took the first dive nice and slow and we all came though it safe and calm.

Our second dive there was EXTRAORDINARY!!!! Truly one of the most awe inspiring things I have ever done. I was talking to myself through my regulator underwater, repeatedly "


Member: maciprich

TripAdvisor - January 2016

" our instructor, Andrea, made sure to cover all the material and was very patient making sure we understood all the theory and exercises. Really recommend "








Member: Daniel B - Chicago, Illinois

TripAdvisor - January 2016

" our experience was excellent. We were a little bit afraid because we never did cavern diving before only open water. Andrea a wonderful italian guy recommended different cenotes with different features and we went with cenote Kukulkan because it had the most wonderful light entries into the water, it was incredible and we allways felt completely safe with him "


Member: Azavache 75 - Miami Beach, Florida

TripAdvisor - July 2015

" nuestro instructor Andrea es encantador, te explica todo genial y esta muy pendiente de todos, de lo mejor del centro. El equipo muy bien, y la embarcacion Muy buena tambien. Lo recomiendo totalmente "


Member: Pipesp78 - Madrid, Spain

TripAdvisor - August 2014

" quiero destacar muy puntualmente a Andrea el instructor. Muy profesional y amable. Esta en todos los detalles. Ideal para los que no buceamos tan a menudo. Transmite mucha confianza y seguridad "


Member: Hernangoldoni - Buenos Aires

TripAdvisor - July 2014

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